Born in Vietnam, Dr. Kimberly Ho,Pharm.D. is an American success story.

apogee dr kimberlyHer family immigrated to the United States when she was just 11 years old. She spoke only Vietnamese, but even at that early age, she understood the need to learn and speak the language of her new home. She mastered English so well, she soon forgot her native tongue – a fact she laughingly says she would later regret.

Like many children of immigrants, she was brought up to appreciate the values of hard work and education. Her parents encouraged her to become a pharmacist because it was a steady career path in a land of ever-changing economy. She went on to earn her Doctorate in Pharmacy. However, contrary to the wishes of her family, she would eschew the safety of a 9 to 5 job. Instead, against many odds and adversities, she would apply her vast knowledge of natural ingredients, cosmetics, therapy and chemistry as an entrepreneur to help launch a revolution in skin restoration and beauty care.

Applying everything she’s learned as a chemist, she began formulating a skin care system that would not only beautify the skin, it would actually help rebuild it so that it could maintain a healthy, vital, lasting luster. The results of her painstaking efforts would lead to her to begin a skin care treatment center and product line that was so effective, those who used it faithfully began calling it a “miracle”. Dr. Kimberly named it Apogée, meaning “At the highest point.”

Dr. Kimberly began selling her products locally to the Vietnamese community, which meant that she had to completely relearn her native tongue. The word of mouth about the results quickly spread, she soon found herself working with patients that had been to other plastic surgeons and dermatologists with disastrous results. Because the composition of many Asian and ethnic skin is so vastly different than that of Caucasian, the standard treatment others had performed had caused a thinning of the skin, unsightly mottling, and in some cases, had created a unnatural darkening. Working with her husband, a doctor doing clinical procedures, Dr. Kimberly created a proprietary prescriptive medicine that she paired with laser treatment. The benefits were so profound, Dr. Kimberly’s team became known as the “go to” professionals for results unavailable anywhere else.

Dr. Kimberly hosts a highly watched television show, two radio programs with thousands of listeners in the Vietnamese community across the nation. She has an archived audio library of over 2000 hours that is often rebroadcast and she is featured prominently on two giant billboards in the Vietnamese community. As a result of this glowing media attention, she has become recognized as one of the leading experts in skin restoration and beautification. 

Dr. Kimberly Ho, Pharm.D. is a true American success story.